Friday, 12 March 2010

Ella the dog...

My living room is decorated with lovely zingy lime green. Last year my hubby bought me some bright orange birds of paradise which were a great contrast with the green and really brightened everything up.

Long after they have gone I have been thinking of adding a more permanent burst of colour via cushions, accessories etc - I have seen some beautiful (but expensive) cushions in Debenhams recently that I cant stop thinking about:

I love this cheeky little french bulldog! This cushion is £18.00 and was designed by Ben de Lisi - it was inspired by one of his dogs, Ella! To tie in the red with my chocolate brown sofa's is this floral cushion which is £15.00. Last but not least is this iconic union jack (£20.00) - I am obsessed with union jacks and have two in my home at the moment, a vintage looking doormat and a pretty one in our bedroom which was handmade by Kimberley Dawn:

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