Friday, 16 April 2010

Fabulous Friday

Its here at last! Its Friday! I cannot wait for my workday to end so that I can spend the weekend with my gorgeous hubby. We are going out for dinner tonight with some friends and as I have been a good girl all week I am going to have whatever I like, yummy! I am that deprived of good food that I have even been on the pubs website and had a look at their menu....I'm thinking either tempura prawns or calamari with sweet chilli dip, chargrilled halloumi with rocket leaves and a Tuscan roasted red pepper dressing to start. I have been hankering for macaroni cheese for the last couple of weeks so will probably have that for my main course. After all that I don't think I could squeeze in a dessert but if I could I would have the macadamia and dark chocolate cheesecake or maybe the melting chocolate fondant......mmmmmm

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