Friday, 7 May 2010

{Boudoir babe}

When I was a girl I always dreamed of having a real princess dressing table, maybe not like this one cause I don’t think I was that classy when I was little! I think this one is gorgeous – classy and glamorous at the same time.

I am now the proud owner of a lovely big dressing table which has lots of room for all my makeup, lotions and potions! I am one of those people though who hoards makeup so I will find that I have three eyeshadows in the same colour and two lipsticks that might as well be! I would love to have the money to chuck everything out and start from scratch and if I did these are a few of the things I would buy:

1. Chanel lipgloss in candy glow 2. Dior 'Miss Cherie' fragrance 3. Revlon Colour Stay Foundation 4. Mavala nail polish in Romantic 5. Dior eyeshadow 6. YSL touch blush mini

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