Friday, 21 May 2010

Sexy Sophie

I thought as I'd blogged about my little sister I should also add a post about Sophie (aka Sexy Sophie). She is pretty much my bestest friend (after hubby of course!) and deserves a mention on here. She is such a funny, lovely person and we have spent many, many nights out on the town drinking waaay to much wine and getting into trouble! I have nicknamed her 'Sexy Sophie' as she is absolutely stunning (inside and out) - unfortunately she is also nicknamed 'Scabby' although I'm sure she doesnt actually have fact I can't quite remember how that nickname came about. Mine is 'Krabby' if your wondering (and no I don't have crabs!!) She is so sweet and kind but is usually too nice for her good - I'm toughening her up so that people don't take advantage of her generous nature.

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