Friday, 25 March 2011

Moonwalk 14th May 2011

After completing a 10k Race For Life run last year I decided to sign up for the Moonwalk - this is a marathon length (26.2miles!!) walk at night though London wearing a decorated bra! Eek! I have started my training already and although walking sounds easy I promise you it isn't! Last Saturday I had to walk 8 miles which took me 2 hours 25 mins - my lovely mother in law has a treadmill in her loftroom so luckily I was able to watch tv whilst doing it otherwise I would have been really bored! Saturday night saw me with really stiff knee joints and blisters all over my feet :( In addition to the long walk at the weekend my training plan said that I had to do 4 miles on Tuesday and 5 miles on Thursday - well, I missed the walk on Tuesday due to having sore legs and then I only managed 3 on Wednesday! Because of all this I have been looking on the internet and decided to purchase some cod liver oil tablets and glucosamine tablets which are both good for your joints. I also bought some compeed blister plasters in preparation for walking 10 miles tomorrow! These got delivered today so watch this space!

My lovely mum is doing the walk with me. She is the fittest person I know - she has done a couple of marathons and is in the Billericay Striders running club so I thought she would have no problem with walking 26 miles. I thought wrong! She is actually suffering more than me....which makes me feel abit better actually!

I haven't mentioned anything about the bra have I! Because the walk is to raise money and awareness for breast cancer you are supposed to walk it in your bra and the crazier the better! Here is a photo from one of the previous walks:
Yep they look as mad as a box of frogs! The theme this year is 'walk on the wild side' so I have been looking at leopard print material etc and googling decorated bra's for inspiration. Here are a few of the bras that caught my eye:
And the following are my inspiration boards. All the material is from ebay and is really cheap which means that I just need to get some ribbon and sparkly bits!

This first one is my mums favourite so I will probably go with this. Its also abit different - I'm sure everyone will have gone crazy with the leopard print. I've bought the chiffon cover-ups because I feel abit self-conscious wearing just a bra - I don't really want all my wobbly bits out on show!:

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