Wednesday, 1 September 2010

River Island

I'm loving River Island's new website layout and have been having a 'little' browse and picking out some of the stuff I love. I now need a bigger wage though if I want to buy it all! They have some beautiful bags.....yummy, I can almost smell the leather!

I want all of these dresses.....and maybe a figure like this girl! 

 Just look at the bling! Its all got such a rocker vibe but mixed in are some really pretty pieces - even those are hard core though (the pink feather earrings have little silver skulls on them!) ahhh swoon...
 As always the shoes are my biggest want - I'll have to add all
of these to my Christmas list, its getting very long though! 
I thought these amazing silver boots deserved a spot all on their own. I have no
idea what I would wear them with - maybe just naked and a big grin!

 They also have this cool little feature where they recommend stuff to go with the item you are looking at. I'm not sure if they used to do this but the outfit suggestions are great as they throw in some stuff that I personally wouldn't have put together but it really works - i.e I would have thought that the black and white striped bag would have looked abit over the top with that dress but it looks amazing!


  1. Hi there! I've fallen madly in love with the river island bag at the bottom in the middle with the bow! When i went on the river island sight i couldn't see it though could you please tell me where you looked exactly? Thank you!

  2. Im so sorry that I'm only just replying to your comment - to be honest I didnt think anyone actually ready my blog!

    I have had a look on the website as well but can't find it so assume they don't sell it anymore. Sorry I couldn't be more help x