Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Saturday night shenanigans!

I've had quite a quiet bank holiday weekend - mainly going to bed late and getting up late! I think my natural body clock is 1am to bed and 10am to rise. Not very good when I have to be in work at 9am!

Went to the re-opening of a bar in Brentwood on Saturday night - it burned down last year and they were having a relaunch. It was a good night but I did have very high heels on which really hurt my little tootsies! In the end I didn't wear the Spice Girls outfit! I wore a cream dress with red shoes from New Look, a red bag from eBay and my gorgeous new red lippy which I got from George at Asda - it was about £2 but does not budge and is a really gorgeous bright Marilyn Monroey red. I don't know why I look so serious in this photo:
Isn't the red lippy gorgeous!
The wonderful girls (Barb, Nikki and Soph) and me!

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