Thursday, 4 November 2010

There are 50 days, 12 hours and 40 minutes until Christmas!!!

I have been thinking about what I would like to find under the tree on Christmas morning and there isn't actually alot I need. Obviously there is always another pair of shoes that I just can't live without but that will never change!

I've always said though that I'm not the type of girl who needs designer clothes and shoes to make me feel like a better person - I'm more than happy with anything out of primark, in fact I think some of there stuff is nicer than those in other shops. Plus, whats the point of buying something expensive (which you can usually get much cheaper in primark) when its only going to go out of fashion soon anyway?

Here's a few lot things I've seen:

Heart tights £7.99 from River Island

Black suede effect platforms (£29.99), black sparkly wedges (£29.99),
suede effect peeptoe shoes £14.99!) and insect ring (£5.99) - all from H & M
I really like these (plus they can replace my old ones which have started falling apart!)

Cheryl Party Lashes £6.00 from Miss Selfridge (you can get these pretty much anywhere).
These have a nice bit of sparkle on them which I love!

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  1. Hi hun, thanks for the comment about the bag, i had a look at the river island one, it's lush! I'll deffo be asking santa for it xxx