Friday, 7 January 2011

Christmas Day

I feel like I have been really slacking with this blog lately - I haven't even posted the photos of my Christmas decorations even though I took loads and posted them on facebook so all my friends could see them! I stuck to the silver theme that we have every year but after seeing the Tiffancy tree when we went ice skating I felt like our tree was abit bare so me and the hubby made a quick trip to our local Homebase store and bought loads more! Here are some closeups of the tree - unfortunately we have a small one (about 5'') and stand it on one of our coffee tables, this is to stop our cats and our dog from demolishing it! It looked really pretty and I thought it met my Tiffany-esque expectations!

My lovely hubby is a fireman and since he joined the fire brigade he hasn't had a Christmas day off work as usually if he is due a day off he swaps shifts with someone else who has young children. But this year he was home so we went round to his Mum's for lots of food and drink - I felt so ill after eating so much that I thought I was gonna pop!
The carnage after Christmas lunch and the infamous Heston Blumenthal Christmas pudding
which was selling for £70.00 on eBay! 

Hubby's Nan getting to grips with her new Nintendo DS!

My AMAZING boots from my (nearly) sister-in-law Barb - love a girl who buys me shoes!

Hubby bought me loads including these rings from Marc Jacobs and Beyonce
that I have wanted for ages - they have solid perfume in them so are pretty and practical!

My yummy hubby, his Nan and his brother (don't you think she looks like the queen!)

Almost comatose after all that food!

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