Friday, 7 January 2011

I'm baaack!

Wow - I havent written a post for aaggeess!! I finished work on Christmas eve and then our office didn't reopen until the 4th January so I have had a lovely break. Didn't get up to very much - found that I needed alot of sleep so just had long lie-ins then monged around the house!

I went out on Christmas eve with my bestest girlies - we even had an honorary girly, Nick, as it was his birthday so we couldn't leave him out! We were going to go out in fancy dress and I had a whole outfit planned - I was going to go out dressed as a Christmas fairy with some lovely white feather wings and a white lace dress but at the last minute we chickened out which turned out to be a good thing as no-one else was in fancy dress apart from two girls who looked like tramps!!

Here are a few photos of our shenanigans:
Yummy champagne (given to us free by our friendly bouncer!)

Yep we are gangsta!

Don't know why I'm trying to lick Nikki's face - its a bad habit
I have after a few too many alcoholic beverages!

I loved my outfit - it was pretty much all from Primark!

Sparkly gold bag from eBay (it was about £4.00!)
Yummy gold shoes - the girls call these my transvestite shoes!

I wore a ring similar to this one but it was from Primark and was a double finger/knuckle ring

We had such a good time and then it was home to bed in time for Santa to sneak in and deliver our presents!  Rather than overload this post I'm going to dedicate a new one to Christmas day - one of my favourite days of the year!

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