Friday, 13 August 2010


I am very very excited at the moment! I was reading this post on Jazzabelle's blog yesterday and she said 'I edit my photographs on, the main two effects I use in practically all my photographs are Cinemascope and 1960's. Cinemascope creates a bright, grainy effect and enhances the colours in my photographs, whist the 1960's gives a warm glow and my trademark rounded edges.' I popped onto picnik's website, registered with them and also upgraded so that I can photoshop my photos! It was about $24.00 which isn't much in our great british pounds (thats for a year). The reason I am excited is because I can make like all those celebrities and do abit of airbrushing, teeth whitening etc etc!!! I know we all think its wrong if celebrities do it but surely its ok if I do it!? No? At least I can ponder this whilst looking much hotter in my photos hee hee!

Here's one I played around with earlier:

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