Friday, 20 August 2010

Makeup Savvy

I had to do a little post about a blog I have just found called Makeup Savvy. The lady who writes it seems to have done really well through her blog but has still retained the personal touch which I find that some blogs lack. She always takes care about what she writes and includes lots of lovely pictures. Another thing that I love is that all of the things that she reviews or recommends are quite inexpensive which means that I can not only lust after them - I can buy them as well!

One of my favourite things on her blog is NOTD (nail of the day) where she tries out different nail colours or nail art. Here are my favourites:

It not all girly talk about nail varnishes etc she also blogs (is that the right word?) about how most hair and bath products contain Sodium Lauryl Sufate (the stuff that makes all the foam!) and how it is damaging for your skin and hair. This has really made me think about what products I should be buying and that maybe I should think of the bigger picture - my hair and skin might be fine now but if I keep mistreating them with harsh chemicals maybe they wont always be that way. Here is the main post about SLS but she does refer back to it now and again when reviewing products:

Anyway, visit her blog cause it is great!

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  1. This was such a nice suprise to read on a Friday morning!
    I am so glad that you find my blog even a slight bit helpful and that my blog has the personal touch. As I never wanted to be a blogger that didn't reply to comments etc.

    Thanks again, this has really brightened my day.

    Fee xx