Thursday, 5 August 2010

When is too many too much?

As my friends will tell you I have abit of an obsession with cocktail rings - the bigger the better usually! I have always limited to wearing them one at a time but after some research (i.e browsing through internet sites whilst bored at work) I'm not sure if this has been a mistake. Just look at these and see what you think:

Don't they look just so cool? At the moment I am wearing a vintage ring from my hubby's Nan (my nan-in-law?) maybe it needs some friends?

I would love some, or rather all, of these which I have just seen on the Topshop website:

On a completely different note, I bought some AMAZING shoes from Primark the other day.I was joking with the checkout girl that if I take a torch out with me I could be my very own glitterball!

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